Quick Recovery on the Fly

Fly practice today was at the deepend, although the one-arm fly drills were done on the length as warm-ups. Today's practice was again on form. The width is short so I only do 3 dolphin kicks and these are shallow kicks where I'm closer to the surface. I then do 4 to 5 strokes to complete the width. On the length, I'd do more dolphin kicks, maybe 6 or or more, and coming off deeper from the wall.

Practice was at the deepend width this time. I experimented the straight push-back pattern against the "keyhole" pattern. I thought the keyhole pattern semed more natural for me. I even felt getting faster as the arms were nearing the hips. I think it may be because I've been doing this pattern eversince I started. The pattern seems more complicated and it does call on different shoulder, arm and back muscles unlike the straight pattern.

I noticed today that my arms weren't clearing the water adequately. It was like my upper arms and biceps would hit simultaneously with the finger tips thereby making a huge arm splash. I wanted clean hand entry into the water. I tried recovering the arms quick right after they come out and that spelled the difference.

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