Resort's Up for Sale

I was late at the pool today (7:30am) coz I brought Sandra's baon to school. DH (on CIL) woke up late this morning and rice was cooked late.

Today at the pool was the resort owner, old man Randy. I've never seen him swim and for an owner, I would've thought he'd kick ass with awesome swimming. Nah, nothing like that. The guy wore speedo trunks alright, but he had the whole enchilada gear of mask, snorkel and fins. He probly forgot his kickboard, buoy and paddles. Anyway, all he did was freestyle, and some kicking (no stroking) laps - nothing extraordinary.

Me, I did the lengths, coz he took my lane and was doing lengths. Yah, okay, he's the owner, right? So I took another lane and proceeded to do a mix of the four strokes, free, breast, back and even fly! My, I should do these lengths more often. The pool floor seemed cleaner this time. The pool boy's must've known the owner would be swimming.

Sometime later, a henchman came and talked to Randy. I couldn't help over hearing, but yup, it's confirmed: the resort's up for sale. He said the 4.5k sqm property is being sold for Php6k s or close to Php27M. He said his kids aren't interested in coming home from America (old news to me) and so he's selling it. Too bad. But I'm wondering who'd have that chunk of money to buy it? It'll probly be a corporation or partnership that'll spruce up the place. Sometimes, I wonder what it'll be like if I had my own pool at home. It'll probly never be cleaned. Sure I love to swim, but the idea of maintaining a pool, ugh, from what I've seen, turns me off.

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