Visual Anticipation

Today, I did fly on the length and it wasn't as smooth yet as I want it to be. For one thing though, I learned something I've been missing all along and that is to visually anticipate the breath when coming up for air. Watch as the surface of the water appears and this way, you can gauge how soon it is you could breath. I did it in fly and noticed it was so much easier to breath. I did it in breast and the effect was the same thing. It is such a simple and common-sense concept but something I just didn't do in breathstroke in the past. What happened then was I just tucked my head down and when it was ready to breath, I didn't gradually anticipate for it, but rather just jerked my head up for air from the tucked position. Yeah, silly me. And it seemed to just tire me out. With this new technique, I now feel much in control and more relaxed when coming up to breath.

I was sent home again today by the Clinic since my right eye remained red. Before going home, I went to swim again.

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