Bling Bling

I've been recently toying with the idea of getting me a pendant. Something I could relate with my swimming. And so I thought of getting a dolphin design and there were actually several to choose from stores like Just Gifts, UniSilver and others. Some were small, some with multiple dolphins, some were big with small stones (rhinestones?). But I just had a simple design in mind. I found such design in Festival Just Gifts for Php300. I looked for other shops in other malls as well.

Well, today I found the same design in Southmall Just Gifts for Php250! I looked at the same shop for a suitable chain and chose one priced at Php640 (with the 20% discount). I asked the lady why men's chains always had 20% and she said it's because the chains were longer and cost more. So to make them sellable, they're discounted. Go figure. Anyway the pendant had a 10% discount and the total cost was 225+640 = Php865. I also got a card that gives me free cleaning and repair service for a lifetime. Here's the pendant placed on top of the laptop.

Maybe it isn't too visible, but you'll notice a stone set on the dolphin's eye. And here it is placed on top of a calendar poster I found. Nice?

What's it for? Well, not much really. I just fancied having one. And now it's a milestone to mark my leaving the old pool to a new one. Oh, it's also a thanksgiving token for the health benefits I've gotten from my swimming. Speaking of which, my ultrasound revealed nothing serious except for some fatty liver - yehey! So, the gastroenterologist (Dr.Ceniza) just concluded Fecal Impaction. But he asked me nonetheless to get tests for the liver (SGPT, SGOT, etc.). He also prescribed 15 Psyllium (fiber) sachets which are turning out to be very effective for me.

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