Gastro Checkup

I was at MPI-MCM yesterday for a checkup with a gastroenterologist. I've been having this discomfort at my right side for over a week already and it's now radiating to my right thigh. There are even some sitting and lying positions where my right leg goes numb. I'm still hoping and praying that it's nothing serious.

UTI has been ruled out after company doctor asked for CBC and Urinalysis. Anyway, the gastro doc asked for full abdomen ultrasound which I had today. It took longer than I expected. The ultra doc had even instructions for me to inhale, hold, exhale while taking pics with the probe. But she was nice enough to point to me my kidneys, liver, prostate and urinary bladder on the screen. I'll probly resume my swim after this checkup has cleared. I'm getting the results and going back to the gastro doc tomorrow. For now I'm taking Dicycloverine and Norfloxacin (rx).

While I was at MPI-MCM, I kind of regretted not choosing Asian Hospital for the checkup coz I won't have problems with parking and thought that consultation would've been faster. But then, today, I learned from the hmo rep that laboratory test (xray, ultrasound, etc) are not at all covered by the hmo card. What the heck? So now I don't feel so bad, coz if I did consult with Asian, I would've gone to others for the lab tests and then go back to Asian, etc. My decision wasn't so bad at all.

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