Happy Days are Over

Again, there was some traffic on the way to the pool. I'd call "slow crawling" for 10 minutes on a 50 meter stretch heavy "traffic". From afar, when approaching the intersection, I'm already groaning at this sight:

Imagine, this is at 6:50 in the morning! (Groan) This intersection was once problematic and then became traffic free, and now this! And this was after a few roads have been widened. Once I get to the end of this tail, it'll be 5 to 10 minutes before I'd get to a stretch of 50 meters. And there's plenty of jostling, no thanx to stupid tricycle drivers and hot-headed motorists. Ah, what a way to start your day.

Once I got to the pool, imagine my surprise when I saw it had no water! No announcements whatsoever. When I peeked inside, I was just told that there'll be no swimming until next year's summer.

The girl also told me that the remaining balance of my membership (1.5 months) can be applied next year. Oh, really? Remember, this resort's up for sale and the new owners (if ever) may not even honor that!

Ah well, it wasn't a total surprise though. I would've appreciated though if they'd posted some kind of announcement for this. I decided to head back and go to the office. Here's a view of the long traffic line, still there on my way back. Terrible.

I wonder how the newly elected mayor (husband of previous mayor) will handle this crap. Most of these private vehicles I suppose are heading towards the Laguna Technopark. The new roads, now with weeds in the center don't seem to help, coz the junction and other roads are just narrow.

Here's another area of jostling - the intersection at the public market.

There's a new bridge and it hasn't been opened yet. I just hope that with this bridge and its new road, traffic here will lighten up.

But in fairness, there's a bit of results especially here with the construction of center islands. Hopefully, those stupid jeepney and tricycle drivers won't be counterflowing traffic by moving on to the opposite lanes.

P was surprised when I mentioned the pool's closure. He said that he was there just the previous Saturday and that he couldn't even see the lane lines WHILE swimming. Yup, the water was THAT murky. But now the lane lines are there to see coz there's hardly water. Ah well, all good things must pass.

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