Keep those Straps Loose

Wow, the midday sun today was beating too hard that I wondered if I'll pass out while inside the pool. It was so hot that I decided to just finish 3 sets.

Passing through the gates today was a breeze. Heck I was at the pool before 12noon. I guess travel time for me is 2-3 mins.

Today I took out one of my reserve goggles. This one was on sale for Php200 down from Php395.75. Yup, I just love buying gogs on sale. It's an XTRM brand and has a widish profile and grayish lenses. They're wide that they hardly fit in the case. They look like ordinary sunglasses, don't they?

Actually I forgot all this pair of gogs coz I still bought a new one branded Atlantics for Php222 at SM Southmall. Anyway, one of the few things I learned very recently is to keep the goggle straps loose. I'm not in any competition so there isn't a big worry of it coming off. What's more important though is that the goggles eyepieces fit perfectly after doing the goggles test. When positioned and stuck to the eyes, the gogs should remain stuck for a few seconds. Now by keeping the straps loose, I realize that it's more comfortable without them pulling too much. Maybe that explains the mild headaches I got in recent days.

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arGlene said...

Yeah, it does look like sunglasses and it's pretty kewl. Thanks for sharing the picture and the brand. I now have an idea what to buy next summer! =p

Blackdove said...

It's good that some new brands are coming out that are way cheaper than traditional popular ones like Speedo, Tyr and Arena. Tyr and Arena sometimes go on sale and CAN be reasonable. Speedo goggles NEVER go on sale and the prices are horrendous. Swimsuits by Speedo do go on sale and it's great if you can catch one. There is one Speedo outlet in Paseo de Sta.Rosa Mall. They're pricey but they do last for years.