Cramping in the Toes

Finally, the CBT training is off my chest. What a relief. I was hoping for a postponement to tomorrow but, nopes, didn't get it. So I was rushing to finish all materials for 3 days - early mornings and late nights.

As I look back at the training, I am rather pissed at how one staff manager conducted himself. I only had 1.5 hours to conduct this hands-on training and he took 30 minutes with questions not so much related to the HANDS-ON training. It was more on concepts and administrative processes that he should have dealt with my client team a long time ago. I wasn't the resource person to answer his queries and I had A there to answer. But come on, this is a hands-on software training with participants expecting to do lots of stuff on their computers! His self-aggrandizement went too long that some of the other managers became bored and left. Too bad the General Manager wasn't there to put him in his cage. The Operations Director didn't do anything about him either. It was a horrendous waste of everybody's time. Finally, at the tailend of the session I immediately distributed the certifcation exam and the evaluation forms for fear that more managers would leave. I could see some were already packing-up their laptops and stuff.

And generally, I'm not satisfied with the marks I got at the evaluation sheet as a trainor. Only 2 out of the 8 staff managers gave consistent excellent marks. And the rest were mostly "very good". One manager had the gall to even give me a "fair" rating. But hey, at least it's over.

At the pool today, I wasn't in a mood for sets. I just did a hodge-podge of strokes and then proceeded to do just flys. And these are slow relaxed flys. I noticed that I could actually breath easier if I'm more horizontal in the water and the body almost at the surface. This means not too much undulation that gets the body in too deep that it's a struggle to resurface. I just love the sensation of doing slow dolphin kicks. The legs just seemed so relax and "go with the flow". Funny though at the end of several laps, I felt 3 toes of my right foot curling up and cramping. Maybe it's fatigue due to lack of sleep.

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