New Bottle

Yesterday we were at Puregold and the plasticware section reminded me to get a water bottle for me. The blue water bottle's size was conveient and I've been bringing it the past weeks. However, a kid would sometimes ask for it and I have to go fetch it from the car. And then go looking for it when it's my turn to use it. So I got me this sports bottle from Sports Gallery for Php109.75.

At first glance, it looks like a baby's milk bottle. That's coz it's clear and has this baby blue color for a cap which doubles as a drinking cup. The label tag sez it's virtually unbreakable (Lexan), leakproof, odorless, approved by FDA etc. which is all nice. But in addition, the clear color just means it isn't too conspicuous in the office coz it also looks like an ordinary mineral water bottle. That is especially when I lug it around to refill it with ice cubes. I tried it today at the pool and it'll just be good for a one-hour workout on a very hot day - nothing more. I clarified today with Mang Bert if the entrance fee is good for the whole day. He said yep, as long as it's 8am-5pm, you may come in any time.

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