Twice Today!

There was a little group there during lunch time today and whoa, they were way early for their PE class at 3:30pm. Anyways, I did a couple of sets and then put in some sidestrokes, elemback & hubrst. I brought along my radio thinking I had no company, but with a few folks there, I just turned it off.

Why twice today? Well, since I still have that "halo" feeling, I was ready to go in the afternoon session despite the rumbling threat of thunderclounds. And there were a lot of students there. I underestimated the size of the group in the PE class. No wonder Mang Bert said on my way in "ewan ko lang kung makakapag-lapping ka pero, pwede namman siguro, hindi naman exclusive sa kanila eh" Good. But I did ask the coach that I'll be sharing with the group and he said it was okay.

This afternoon I did a couple of sets and the rest, believe it or not, was some informal coaching. I didn't ask for it. Some of the college girls just went up to me and asked if I could teach them. You can't expect that from the guys - it's a man thing I supppose - ask help from others when there are girls around. I was a little hesitant coz, well, they had a PE instructor there! But it seem the girls were desparate to learn ANYTHING coz obviously they were being graded already for skills that haven't been taught! On breaks of my swimming, I was asked 4 or 5 more times to teach something, especially the "patagilid" which it turns out the girl was refering to the sidestroke.

After seeing the coach (who looked like a substitute) didn't seem to mind me "teaching" or giving some tips, I just obliged. The students were more concerned on learning anything fast though. One was particularly fearful of the water. But swimming is something that's truly hands-on, I told them. That means plenty of pool time and practice. But I did tell them how to do a good glide with a strong kick with both legs from the wall. I purposely distanced myself from them so they wouldn't think of me as "fresh". Towards the end of their class, a few guys went over and gave their own tips to the girls. One particularly reeked of a strong perfume like it was just splashed on. What the heck? I just let them and moved aside. They probly felt slighted with an outsider teaching "their" girls. It's the alpha male syndrome. Picture this: a male gorilla pounding on his chest, sending signals of his claim to his territory.

One funny thing though is that one of the girls actually thought that I was just an older student. Wow, really huh?

I learned from Mang Bert that classes there are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3-5 and Thursdays (whole day)

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