Halo's Gone

Ok, the "halo" feeling's gone. This is probly the last Wednesday that I'm going to the pool. I'm planning on doing it T-Th next time and hopefully maximize the entrance fee. Besides, shoulders are getting sore from the daily relatively focused sessions. I've retried the breathing per stroke in breast. The old breath every other stroke was easy but it messes the original kick and pull patterns. So, I'll be doing more of that. I'll be reviewing videos of Ed Moses which look good.

I brought my radio today and it's good - session wasn't as boring. After 3 sets of 50Y broken IM, I went to BMP to buy superglue to fix the plastic case of my gogs. Since these gogs have a wider profile, I think it'll be better to use its original case rather than a soft case. I was really sweating when I came to the office today. Good thing I thought of bringing a large hankie to cover my head as I went in from a long walk from the parking lot. I used the hankie to put on my back.

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