Packed Pool

Sure enough, the pool was crawling with studes this morning. There were more guys and that made for a noisy group. One guy was too loud and too vulgar that I suppose he's the class monkey. It seemed like there were 2 groups but they all knew each other. There were too much games and a girl kept hollering/ cheering crazily. Later, some of the quieter girls asked for some tips, and again, for beginners I could give tips on glide and the catch.

There was too much horseplaying in the pool that I only managed 2 sets. My fly breathing is getting a little better. For one, I'm not straining my neck too much. I know the chin is low on the water. Unfortunately, it's not high enough that I could look down on the water. This is true with breaststroke. I still have the tendency to look straight ahead. I don't know about the straight arm pull, but the hourglass pattern seems easier for me albeit slower.

If in the morning the rowdy group were the guys, the girls were the louder in the afternoon session. There was too much shouting and hollering at each other and at the coach that I thought I'd break my eardum. When I was almost done, the coach did say 'hi' and asked if I was done. Looks like a friendly chap.

I had my bp taken and it's the lowest ever (sure about that Nurse Agnes?) and I've lost 3.5 lbs.!

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