Cold Today, 2nd Speech in Storytelling

The water today was cold, although not freezing cold. It's been dark and raining for the past few days (thanx to Typhoons Chedeng and Dodong). I heard that Angat Dam's no longer at the critical level. Imagine the water level rising by 8 meters in just 48 hours or 2 days! And the rate was around 45 centimeter rise per hour! It may take a while, maybe next week, before the pool's temp becomes normal again. Three weren't a lot of studes when I got there and they've all finished with the class.

I'm already keeping the rests between 25y short. I'm also doing back-to-back laps for the 2 sets. Then the 3rd set is done separately. I don't know but maybe it's the fly that keeps my shoulders a little sore. It's not the injury (yet!) kind of a sore and I'm not taking any medz. Just some soreness during the day.

I delivered another Toastmasters speech tonight entitled "Traces of Talent". This is the 2nd speech project, Let's Get Personal, in the Storytelling manual. As some of the members were out of the country, there were only four of us there: Lolet, Vivienne and Alfred. It was fun and intimate speaking to a small group. They liked my speech and I was flattered when Alfred said he attended just to watch me. He was bound for Jamaica the following day. All three took turns evaluating my speech and they had good words. Mam Lolet added that a prop like Che-che's picture would've added some a great visual effect - and I agree. Thanx all!

We had time to chat on lots of things and I learned that Doc Noy was competing in this year's quartethlon. The theme for the Singing category is English Love Songs. He's competing for IAME. I also learned that he's not going back to the states for a while and he's connected with Medicard as a Wellness lecturer.

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