Tire Split Open and Sculling

I went home at noon yesterday and then my rear tire burst. No, it didn't run out of air, but the steel belting just jutted out and hit the siding like mad. This was near the Alaska factory in the South expressway. I moved really slow like I was being towed. Fortunately I was able to have it replaced at the Servitek after withdrawing cash from a BPI atm at Munti. The new tire, Dunlop Japan, set me back by Php3,590. The reason I went home early was to rest coz I had a cold. Or so I thought. It turned out it was again those troublesome allergies. How did I know. Well, I got instant relief (last night up to today) right after taking Virlix. I must've gotten these allergies it after cleaning Unit B at the apartment. I got a lot of dust after cleaning the CR window.

Just did some frees and backs today in the morning. I attempted a flip turn but the water just went up the nose and boy, was it painful. My sinus hasn't really cleared up from the previous nights' sniffles. In the afternoon I did some seated sculling which is nice to do as a break from the usual. Maybe I'll try the other sculls next time.

Thank God our parking lot expansion at the office has been completed. With the rains, it was tough getting parked coz of the mud. And that made me not to go for a second swim coz, it's so hard to find good parking slots.

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