The Moral of the Story Speech

No swim still for today. It's been raining and the weather's not really cleared up yet. So instead I've been rushing writing and rehearsing speeches instead.

Last night I delivered my 3rd advanced speech in the Storytelling Manual - The Moral of the Story. We were a cozy group of 6 toastmasters. This time, I made sure that I moved a lot when speaking. The story was animated and I wanted to exploit it with gestures and body movement. And exploit it, I did! In fact the evaluator, Lolet, thought that I moved my shoulders a bit everytime I shifted weight and stepped to the side. The story is funny and maybe I did funny movements without realizing it.

The Italian accent I did for Padre Burgos was right on the dot! I immensely enjoyed my performance of the Italian priests's character. The audience also enjoyed my version of Juan the Sabungero while stroking the fighting rooster.

After my speech, they were still interested and asked if Father Greg was an American. To that, I said, "you choose, American or Filipino? It was a made-up story." "What!?!?" they chorused. Doc Larry said it was so believable! I guess, I told the story so realistically well.

I was so happy last night coz I finally received the CC pin that I've wanted since last year. I became a Competent Communicator in July of last year and only received a certificate and the 2 free manuals. I didn't get a pin. Maybe my old club didn't have funds for pins. Maybe nobody had time to get them. I don't know. But when I learned from Lolet (our president) that she's got a spare, boy, was I excited! I kept reminding her to bring it and last night she did. I had our pics taken just for me to savor (finally, after more than a year) the moment.

Here's the small group that was there: (clockwise) Henry, Doc Larry, Lolet, James and Viviene.

Finally, a chance to wear the pin (collar) at the office and proudly show it around.

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