New Tires, Malling at Festival

We got a new set of 3 tires from Minerva Servitek Binan. So the car has 3 Kumho (Php2200,Korea) and the single Dunlop(Php3500,Japan). We didn't change the spare, Federal-Maha(Taiwan). Due to the very long vacation brought about by the suspension of classes, we went malling. It's been quite a while that they've been cooped up at home. Here's Renz insisting on using chopsticks at Mongolian Stop.

I used the old Sony camera for this which we had repaired in the morning. What's wrong with it is the LCD sometimes just shows up as a blank white screen. I almost paid the Php780 Service Fee (labor) when I remembered that I bought something which had a 3-year warranty. Lo and behold, when I looked at the invoice and the warranty certificate stapled to the invoice, the camera was it! After I showed it to the counter girl at Sony Alabang, she just adviced me to have it photocopied. Yup, I managed to dodge the Php780 service charge just like that! So, it pays to keep your invoices and warranty certificates in a safe place (the old camera box for me.)

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