75 Meter Freestyle in Swimming

Went to swim during lunch and there were 3 studes there probly just waiting for class. In the afternoon, I think I did some 75's and I think even slipped a 100 free in there.

I think though that I really should minimize the rests per 25 since aerobic capacity is improving. I'm thinking of cutting the trip to the pool to just in the afternoon.

There was a guy from the morning who was learning backstroke. I gave him some tips and he must've used them really well coz I saw him moving farther.

I just felt sad for one girl who kept insisting that she can't swim although she needs to show some skill to pass. She doesn't even try. The time that they were waiting for the P.E. teacher, they don't even practice.

They just chat and use their cellphones probably hoping the teacher doesn't show up. How do you expect to learn with that attitude?

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