100-Meter Freestyle may be Regular Now

For a couple of sessions now (Friday was last), I've been doing 3 or 4 100's and although it's still difficult to do , I know I'm getting better at it.

It is also becoming boring at times. Boring in the sense that I become impatient to finish the 100. Nearing the 50 mark, I sometimes just close my eyes for a couple of strokes just to deaden/mask out the effort. Although it works for a few seconds, it also somehow emphasizes the bore.

I'm still thinking of ways to make the workout itself stimulating and enjoyable DURING the workout. There are ways to put variety but that is in between workouts - like the flys, the sidestrokes, etc.

Today, one of the studes commented on my swimming. He graduated from a 2-year IT course and is now in 2nd year Nursing. There was a girl near us in the conversation:

Guy: Buti pa si sir, ang galing. Kuya, dati na ba kayong swimmer?
Me: Ay, hindi. Late na nga akong nag-aral mag-swim.
Guy: Ang galing niyo kasi.
Girl: Kuya, parati yata kayo nandito kapag Martes ah.
Me: Hindi lang Martes. Halos araw-araw ako nandito.
Girl: (talks about pool fees)
Guy: (talks about his course, IT)
Me: Dati kasi akong nabalian ng likod.
Guy: Sa spine?
Me: Oo, sprain sa lower back. Kaya swimming na lang ang ginagawa ko.
Guy: So practice lang talaga?
Me: Tama ka. Practice lang talaga.

Last week I caught this sign at the bedroom door's whiteboard. Turns out Ate Dada was tutoring little Renz for a quiz.

DH brought some pancit palabok and ginataan from work for the kids. As I was ironing the kids' uniforms, DH asked little Renz to bring the bowl over to me so I could taste the pancit:

DH: Renz, dalhin mo ito kay Papa para naman matikman niya yung pancit.
Renz: Ikaw na po, mama. Asawa mo naman po siya eh.

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