Flip Turn Re-Attempts

As I got in the pool house today, a staff worker casually remarked: "Nahuli yata kayo ngayon ah." I wasn't so sure what he meant but I just smiled at him to acknowledge his comment.

Maybe they were just accustomed to seeing me there during lunchtime (noon). That was true many weeks ago but then the sun was too glaring and the sessions quickly sucked my sunscreen lotions.

Since the pool was empty when I came in today, I revisited my flip turn. I still can't get over the pain in the sinus feeling. I still feel disoriented as I do the turn, not sure if I'll be facing the right direction when I go upright.

Ah, but as they say, practice makes perfect. And I'm determined to learn the move especially now that I'm doing 100's more frequently. To put some variety, I do flip turns (no walls) going to one end of the pool and then a regular free coming back.

There were 5 college studes today at the pool for a make-up PE class. One girl, her name's Lota, was simply terrified of the water everytime she attempts the backstroke.

She'd always standup up immediately as her ears submerged. Wow, that's a long way to go. But I helped her float, gently supporting her back with my palms. The studes even thanked me as I got out of the pool.

TMC Update
Last night I club-hopped to the Kimberly Club to deliver my 4th Advanced Speech in the Storytelling Manual - The Touching Story. This is another speech where I used props - this time a 100-peso paper bill.

I thought I really got the audience's attention in my intro and was very well received. It was lively but then my real story had to be "touching".

There was no feedback though on the story's analogy with my intro. Hmmmm. I thought the speech was good though and was excited to deliver it. Here's the link to the speech. Today, I finally forwarded the link to all my speeches online to our Club President.

For the evaluation segment, Ma'm Lolet evaluated me while I evaluated Jess's speech on the Martial Arts. Jess' speech was quite entertaining although I was scared he'd hurt himself with his high kicks - quite a flexible guy.

The club's membership seem to dwindle a bit. There were only 5 of us there last night. We had to scrounge a bit to find a vacant room as the company's busy with SAP implementation.

See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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