Sinusitis Overload

There were no PE studes today. Just three Grade 6 kids from La Consolacion. How'd I know? Well, Dada didn't have school today and I was wondering what these kids are doing swimming on a weekday.

So I asked one if they were from Laco. Turned out they where and 2 of them knew Dada from a previous school club. "Yung nakasalamin po?", asked one. Yup that's her alright.

Ugh. Talk about pain in the nose! As the pool was virtually empty, I proceeded to do my flip attempts. I did FOUR lengths doing 4 to 5 flips a length. I realized it was the first length and the first few attempts that were really painful.

Successive flips is another thing coz the pain just built up. It helps to do bubbles. Well, in reality, no one does successive flip turns in swimming anyway.

Another cue that helped was to imagine holding a rope and then skipping into this rope. I also observed that if I'm too extra conscious of the flip, I twist and don't flip upright.

I also remembered today to tuck in tighter so that I roll-up into a ball, thus making me turn faster.

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