The GM Update and Two Coke Plastic Bottles

I suppose the PE studes are gone for good. So today, I used 2 empty coke plastic bottles for practicing flip turns. When I put them in the pool, the wind just swept them away. And when I tested them, they were much more buoyant than I thought and so I put pool water inside - maybe halfway.

Of corz there's still the initial pain in the sinus. But the bottles work well. I still have this problem of not turning into a tight ball and end up still too deep.

There was a couple there today with a kid. Looked like the lady had bronchitis as she kept coughing really bad.

Update on the GM Update

That was one of the most UNINSPIRING presentation pieces I heard at yesterday's GM Update. Charts with lots of data were shown but they didn't strike a chord with the audience.

It was an "I-talk-you-listen" affair. He didn't engage the audience at all. About the only time there was a bit of interest (heads nodding, moving, whispers) was when a list of employee names were shown (promotions, recognition).

Funny thing is, in between some mumbled words of recognition were constant reminders or calls for cost savings, cost reduction and calls for increased productivity.

Goodness, how could you rally or motivate the employees for your cause if you can't even excite or inspire them?

The Compensation Officer was no better. Her slides showed "Good News". But surprisingly, either nobody understood or nobody cared.

Surely if it were good news there would be some applause... but... nope. The only applause heard was the customary courtesy clapping after a change of speakers.

And then there was the Q&A part. Slips of paper were passed around for those who had questions to the GM but would rather not go to the microphone.

The acting HR mgr read a question written on one slip of paper and proceeded to answer it. Hey, lady, the question wasn't addressed to you! Sadly, it came across as a rather lame attempt to impress the big boss.

The worst is, judging from the feedback I gathered, I don't think many understood the presentation. The key takeaways were not there.

Guys, I'm sure you all are technically competent but you already lack charisma. Why don't you join a toastmasters club? Might do you some good.

Oh I forgot, your support for improved communication skills is just lip service. Yes, this is the stuff that make me always want to AVOID the GM Update.

Well, so much for that. Here's a real cool video I saw. Maybe the kids will like it. You may have to click on the play button TWICE. Check it out! It's also a chance for me to test blogger's video feature.

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