Improvised Clip for Toastmasters Pins

In recent weeks I've been wearing the pin on the collar and it's quite a hassle pierce clothing. Over time, I suspect the sharp point of the pin will eventually become dull.

So, I've devised a clip so that the pin need not pierce clothing and it cost me Php14. It's actually an ID holder. I cut out excess plastic sheet and then punched a couple of holes for the 2 pins.

A Toastmasters pin actually has 2 pins, one to punch the clothing to where the clasp is fastened and another pin to latch on to the clothing so the whole TM pin doesn't rotate. Here's how the improvised clip looks like.

Actually, 3 more TM pins may be added but then the clasp of the TM pin is too bulky that maybe just a second TM pin UNDER the existing pin is more practical. Here's the reverse side of the clip. You'll see the bulky clasp on this back side.

This was inspired from a clip I saw from the Toastmasters catalog. But the clip I saw on the catalog is USD2 or Php110 (shipping not yet included).

Here's a closeup of my Competent Communicator Toastmasters Pin, 18K gold-plated and 1/2" diameter, as it is pinned to the clip.

Here's the clip as I'm wearing it now everyday. It's much more convenient clipping it to the shirt's flap as shown below. I don't wear t-shirts at work so I always have a flap to clip it on.

My only problem with the clip's position on the shirt is the pin brushes with the seatbelt. Hmmm. Maybe I ought to just take it off every time I drive.

From afar, the plastic sheet is hardly visible. I suppose the TM pin itself is more visible more than anything else. Hopefully by next meeting, I'll be receiving my Toastmasters ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze) pin to add to the clip. I'm excited.

Here's a pic I caught last week. Dada went with Tita Gay to Divisoria and went home with some goodies. Everybody seems happy and jumping here. That's some wild hair Dada!

I was just elected as Vice President in Karen's class. It's just nice that the parents are very supportive of the cause to raise funds. They managed to collect Php4,300 already. Plus I've pledged to contribute Php100 per month.

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