Camwhoring at Physical Education Classes

Went for a swim today coz I was feeling lethargic and I have a pingpong game later in the evening. I can't understand these PE studes. They come early and those in the pool either play or camwhore. Those out of the pool either text or camwhore. But all of them understand that they need to get the swim skills to pass! Maybe their PE should be called PE-Camwhoring and not PE-Swimming.

Every PE day is typical. There's lots of playing, laughing and teasing and little learning. Then there's the squealing and hooting when one is forced to get into the pool. WTH? Maybe they ought to just break into groups of 2, like buddy-buddies and seriously try to swim. None of this "hey-we're-a-gang-let's-party" attitude.

Here's a pic I took of a group, chatting away when they could just practice and TRY to learn. How do you expect to pass? Besides, they've already paid the fee just to enter.

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