Che's First Groceries

When Che was about to leave for Math Review today, she was was asked by DH today to buy crab meat. Che scoffed at the idea and was protesting.

Well, DH reminded her that at Grade 5, DH was already commuting by jeepney to go to Paco market. After being told that it's only at Save More in Festival Mall, Che relented.

Che just had to write it down though. And soon, the grocery list became longer. Here's Che with her grocery bag after getting home. Renz always wants to be in the pics.

Djok Taym
It was a special Mass (Our Lady of Sorrows?). And it was a con-celebrated mass. One assistant was carrying that incense thing and was swinging it everywhere: to the altar to the people, to the priests.

Incense smoke was everywhere. Finally, the assistant was swinging it to the bible at the lectern, just before the Gospel. Renz noticed the smoke.

Renz:Sinisiga po nila?
DH:(half laughing) Anong sinisiga? Bine-bless muna nila, bago basahin.
Renz:Ah... Para pong 'magic spell'?

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