Why my Old Toastmasters Club Folded Up

A few times, I've been asked by toastmasters in my present club why my old club, the ON Semiconductor Toastmasters Club died. Typically, they'd ask after they learn I used to be in another club with Doc Noy.

I suppose there are several reasons why that club just couldn't sustain itself. Here are a few that I could think of:

  1. Demand for good communication skills in the company is just lip-service. I don't think anybody gets rewarded because of the skills. It's appreciated, yes, but recognized and eventually rewarded? Ha!

  2. There are only a few employees who'd want to put in the time and effort to improve. Sure, many want to improve - but they don't want the effort involved. Yeah, what the heck is that? Some mistakenly expect a teacher to come in and lecture them - classroom style. But Toastmasters doesn't work that way.

  3. The present management, in general, will discourage taking even a little of company time for Toastmasters meetings. In other words, management won't actively influence the sustaining of a Toastmasters Club.

Given the above, who'd want to "waste" time for meetings. There are probably just a couple of us still dedicated and committed, but with so few attendees, what's the point in regrouping the club?

My swim today was mostly freestyle and it helped clear my sinus. It also made me feel a little better as I've been having colds since Tuesday. There was a lone PE stude today.

She must've been wondering why there was no PE class. I've begged off for tonight's Toastmasters meeting as I probably would strain my voice and worsen my throat.

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