KTV Learnings

We had the despedida for R and R, r and r for Ted and Yann and Tony's B-day celeb yesterday at Music-Match over at Hobbies of Asia. I got there early at around 6:40 having left the office at 5:35pm. Dada and I left at 10pm.
Some learnings:

  • Don't mind the scores on the KTV monitor. They're silly, stupid and plain don't make sense. They're only there as a source of amusement for the group.
  • Stand to sing. Those comfy couches are there for chatting. If you gotta sing, either sit upright at the edge of the seat or stand.
  • Stick to the list of songs you do know and enjoy. If others don't like 'em, tough. You're there to enjoy. Don't mind the trend or types of the songs being sang. They're all pretty much predictable anyway from the head-bangers and so variety's always good.

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