The Joys of a 5-Year Old - Shower in the Rain

Yesterday I washed the car as it's been dirty for weeks. Renz decided to help and so I let him. I got up the ladder to clean the roof while he passed to me the loaded up sponges.

I later figured the guy just wants to get wet with the washing and since it started to rain, he was happy to help out. And so I just told him to ditch the shirt and he asked ate Dada for new set of clothes, towels and soap.

Yup, he had his shower right there in the rain with me hosing him down. He was so darned happy! It turns out it was his first time to shower in the rain!
(After toweling off and putting on his dry clothes)

Renz: Mama, anong araw po ngayon?
DH: Sunday, bakit?
Renz: Kasi po ang saya-saya ko. Tumulong po ako sa pag-clean ng car eh. Tapos naligo ako sa ulan. Anong araw po ngayon ulit?
DH: Sunday nga!

(Renz goes outside)

Renz: Papa, kapag Sunday po, linis tayo ng car ulit, ha?
Me: Sige, eh kung walang ulan?
Renz: Eh di wala po!
Me: Eh kung uuwi tayo sa Pampanga?
Renz: Eh di po, bawal! Kasi wala po tayo dito eh. (Oo nga naman)

Later in the evening, Renz happily relates to his ates his first shower in the rain. It sure made his day!

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