Ear Ache and Shoulder Pain

A couple of things bugged me recently. My allergies and some shoulder pain.

My allergies were already bad last week and last Monday it felt like my left ear had water. I've already been taking Virlix.

So I went to the office clinic and the doc (Elaine) gave Neozep, 3 times a day for 5 days. She also suggested a couple of drops of baby oil to soften the ear wax. I did the baby oil thing. But nothing happened.

Something Blocking the Ear

In fact it felt like something lodged in the ear. My left ear couldn't hear well. There was pain everytime I burped. Yesterday I went to the ENT and he basically vacuumed the wax in both ears. What a relief.

He said my burping caused the eardrum to bump against the hardened wax and that caused the pain. The consultation went well. The ENT had all sorts of gadgets. He confirmed my allergies with a test. He even noticed my throat-clearing and looked at that as well (acid reflux he said).

Shoulder Pain in the Overhead Arm Position

The shoulder pain is a story of its own. The week before last, I toyed with the idea of doing rotator cuff exercises and so I looked it up. I tried some of them doing them "isometric style". And I did that for a few minutes several times. It was a bad move. Because last week, I had trouble sleeping at night.

My shoulders, especially the left, would have pain when I pull my arms from an overhead position in bed. The pain is on the front and side of the shoulder itself. Yesterday I asked the fat doc at the office about it and she gave Dyclofenac, 3 times for 2 days. She also suggested warm compresses. The Dyclofenac SEEMS to work and the head from the hot water bottle I brought feels good.

It's probably a good thing that the couple of episodes above occured when there were typhoons and the weather was rainy. The bad thing is I thought I gained weight with the over-a-week hiatus from the pool.

Today, the sun's out but the pool temp reminded me of the previous rainy days. The water was cooler. I only did 2 sets of 2 laps of each stroke. And I only did one fly lap. Somehow it's the only one that I'm having problems with and it happens when I raise my left arm. Well, it could've been worse because I was thinking my backstroke would be affected as well. It's just easy-going from now on until I lose the shoulder pain.

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