Kid Scout Investiture

DH was on CIL (Company-Initiated Leave) today. She accompanied Renz to his Kid Scout investiture. Kid Scout, you say? Yeah, during my time, we only had Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

We had Cub Scouts in Grades 3 and 4. We became Boy Scouts at Grade 5. At Don Bosco Pampanga, we only started elementary in Grade 3.

Here's DH and Renz after the ceremonial putting of the neckerchief. Interestingly, Kid Scouts have blue neckerchiefs nowadays.

I remember the previous Ate's wearing yellow and pink neckerchiefs before. During my scouting days we only had green (and maybe some different shades of it) like what Lolo in the picture is wearing.

Later, the Kid Scouts presented a 'taktaktak' number. This is to the tune of the novelty song "Itaktak Mo" by Wowowee's clown, Willy Revillame. True to his form, Renz gave his best!

The video below shows the last few lines of the song. Mayette (DH's officemate) was admiring Renz and her laughter can be heard on the background.

Notice also the parent in the green blouse at the back of the kids at the left side. She seemed very amused peering at Renz's movements.

Renz was really tired towards the end but as a true sport, he always gave his best no matter how many times they had to do the dance. But the best part is he enjoyed himself! Did you see the big smile on his face all throughout?

Later in the afternoon, DH went to Binan to get the certificates for the apartment. This blog is currently undergoing changes.

Like the new look so far? Well, it's not too different than before but there are many more features especially on the sidebar navigation.

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