Secret to Natural Weight Loss - Fletcherism

Ahhhh. Secrets, secrets, secrets. I even had a toastmasters speech on a secret. Speaking of secrets, I've stumbled on an article on weight reduction. It is entitled
Natural Weight Loss Plan - Best Kept Secret
. A text document (pdf) of the site may be found here.

The article says the "secret" is all-natural. Gandhi advocated it. And best of all, it's free! Too good to be true? Maybe, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

The reason I found it is because last night, Che accidentally swallowed one of here teeth braces' brackets. Yup.

She was very worried. I reminded her about chewing food very slowly and remembered this concept of chewing 30 times or so before swallowing food.

With that habit, it could've prevented her from swallowing the bracket because she'd immediately feel the bracket in her mouth.

Fletcher, Horace (1849–1919), American dietitian. Fletcher was plagued by obesity and indigestion most of his life. Then in 1895 he set out to find the key to good health. He developed a set of principles which he proceeded to propagate. The basic tenets were these: one should eat only when genuinely hungry and never when anxious, depressed, or otherwise preoccupied; one may eat any food that appeals to the appetite; one should chew each mouthful of food 32 times or, ideally, until the food liquefies; one should enjoy one's food.

I saw the doc today and I was told to layoff the swimming for a month. (groan) I've also canceled/defaulted my ping-pong games in the tournament.

I wouldn't want to risk hurting the left shoulder again in some physical activity. Yesterday, it became sore after carrying just a few grocery items! So for today, I was prescribed Neurofenac, Vitamin B Complex and Celebrex (200mg)

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