More Medication - Omepron

I went back to the ENT today who diagnosed me with Acid Reflux. I've been taking Omepron for 2 weeks already. He suggested 2 weeks more of the same coz I still have it.

He also said that I avoid the following: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Milk, Citrus, Peppermint, Fatty foods (read: yummy food). Yup, it's pretty much all that we need to survive. Just kill me already, alright doc?

After the ENT I went to the derma. It's confirmed that what I have is PLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption). It's gone now, thanx to my avoiding the sun.

It's just the way my skin reacts to UV rays from the sun - like an allergy. What a downer. It's also what has been causing Pityriasis Alba. Why, of all people, does it have to be me?

It's genetics, I'm told. I'm predisposed to having it, the derma said. That severely limits the time of the day that I could go swim.

But still, I just consider it a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things. I'll still swim although for now I'm advised against it. All too well, because I'm having a month off for my sore shoulder to recover anyway.

Here's me with the skin discoloration (hypopigmentation) on the cheeks. This is probly the worst that I had. Well at least, the worst that was taken a picture of.

This picture was taken in 2005. It isn't contagious and is self-limiting. I only need to use Polytar soap occasionally to get rid of the spots.

Gov. Ed "Among Ed" Panlilio has it worse. According to the derma, what he has is called Vitiligo (like Michael Jackson) and it is irreversible.

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