The Towel

As I got into the facility today, there were kids! On a weekday? Apparently, they even had a teacher cum coach. The teacher was an elderly lady garbed in typical teacher's uniform - as expected, OUT of the pool.

What is it with these instructors/coaches? I think they'd better be called dryland coaches rather than swim coaches. All they do is bark out orders and instructions.

And then they make these gestures to make it look so easy. Get in the pool, lady, and show the kids how to REALLY do it. I asked one kid where they were from.

Apparently they had school swimming competition the following day! He mentioned about "kabilang-ibayo" and "mabuhay" which sounded like either barangays or class sections.

Then the usual PE studes came. Since it was early, a couple of the girls asked me for help. And help they got. Unfortunately, they'd need lots of time to practice what I taught them for them to see results.

Something funny I always see with the girls is when they come out of the changing/ shower room. Unshowered (they're dry as they came in), they'd ALWAYS have towels around their waists going out.

They'd walk shyly, giggling towards the pool. At the deck they'd remove the towel for a seeming finale. As the towel unfolds and drops, it quickly reveals - tadah! - a pair of shorts or the swimsuit skirt. Yah, like what the heck was that towel for? (scratches head).

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