First Step to ACS Norm

Today I delivered my first speech on the road to ACS (Advanced Communicator Silver). I didn't have much time to rehearse it and so I went overtime at 10 minutes for a 5-7 minute speech!!!

It's the The Speech to Inform in the "Speaking to Inform" Manual. The title of the speech is "Why Put It Out There?"

According to Doc Larry, it was the best speech from me he's heard thus far. This time he shook my hand and kept saying "Well done." He also found it informative and entertaining.

Alright, granted he hasn't heard the other speeches, that's still good to hear though. His only suggestion was that the title could probably be more indicative of the topic and recommended "The Four F's and the Web". Sounds good.

Later on, we talked briefly on the blog that I created which was basically a swimming journal. This piqued his interest as he's been recently into swimming even mentioning the Total Immersion principles.

Again, Lolet mentioned my shaking/ swaying shoulders. I should video myself some time. I couldn't imagine how I looked like to her. She sez it's quickly becoming my style and that to her it just showed my passion and enthusiasm. Hmmm.

On the way home, Jess from Kimberly Clark and Vivienne rode with me and we talked much about ourselves, our interests, blogging, sports and so many stuff. I guess when you put 3 toastmasters in a car, there is NEVER a dull moment. I didn't even notice the traffic!
See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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