Getting New Eyeglasses in Quiapo

Jumper? Jumpsuit? Whatever that article of clothing is called, Renz is now finally wearing it (pic on right). This is the same unisex jumper worn by the ate's in the years past.

The pic on the left below shows little Che and Karen dancing in Christmas of 1999. That was then. On the right pic, Che's got the bag in front while Karen is in the blue shoes. This was taken at SM Southmall today.

Renz lets out a big yawn while ate Dada whispers to him. I guess Renz finds the 'Secret' borrrrringggg.

Yesterday, Friday, DH and I decided to go to Quiapo for my biennial(?) eye-checkup/ refraction. It was end of Ramadan or Eid'l Fitr so we took the chance.

I suppose we got there at Acebedo too early coz they weren't open yet. So we browsed around and found shops with cheaper frames and lenses.

My old lenses was giving me eyestrain. The frame is all worn and the snap-on shades has plenty of scratches.

At Standard Optical, the progressive lenses could go as low as Php1,300. Whoa! These lenses used to cost Php3,500 in malls!

I didn't like much the frames they had there coz I was looking frames with snap-on magnetic shades. They had them but the shades were more difficult to put on and remove coz of the position of the magnets.

But they were cheap and offered at Php2,150. It was Php750 for the frame and Php1,500 for the lens.

We looked at Acebedo (now open) and found the snap-on shades I liked with the magnets on top. They were a bit expensive at Php900 for the frame and Php1,800 for the lens or Php2,700 in all.

But I liked 'em and had them made. The thing I like about 'em was the ease of putting on and removing the snap-on shades especially when I'm driving long distances. I could pretty much put them on and take them off with only one hand! Cool.

While we waited for the eyeglasses to finish (supposedly at 5 or 6pm), we loitered around the Quiapo-Sta.Cruz area. I finally saw the old GoodEarth Emporium building where they sell lots of dvd's. And yeah, bought some.

We had lunch at the nearby Chowking in Sta. Cruz and proceeded to Sta. Cruz Church. We walked towards the Divisoria area (whew!) and bought some ping-pong balls in a shop.

We went to the Eng Bee Tin shop for some hopia. We went to SM Manila where I bought a pair of extra-lightweight Planet white shoes that I could use at the office.

I suppose it's the same material that my Cracs pair uses. I'm not sure though if it's the same material that my Crocs pair uses.

After all that walking, we finally went back to Acebedo at 3:30pm. We're glad we did coz the glasses were already ready at 4:00pm.

Now that's what I call good service. The pic below shows my old glasses on top and the new glasses below. The pairs are shown without the snap-on shades.

The kids were laughing at my new pair. They say it's for oldies. I said, "Well, you've seen the eyeglasses of Clark Kent in Smallville, haven't you? Well, they're exactly like those!"

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