The Two-Beat Kick

Ugh, just when I was getting the hang of the 2-beat crossover kick, I've been told not to swim for a gazillion of reasons. Well, okay, maybe just two.

  1. Left shoulder problem. The office doc advised me to quit swimming for a week and take Celebrex 100mg 2x a day for the shoulder. I was also told to have it x-rayed. She suggested me immobilizing it (how the heck am I supposed to do that?). For as long as it's strained or continually used, the inflammation will not go away. Okay, I guess "rest" is the operative word here.

  2. Polymorphic Light Eruption. The derma told me to quit swimming for at least a week so that the blisters on my face which might have been caused by UV rays may heal. I'm taking Zyrtec (Cetirizine) for the allergic reaction and putting on Bactroban as antibiotic. The derma also warned me about swimming before 4pm saying the sun may cause cataracts.

Well at least my 1 (or 2) week rest will kill 2 birds with one stone - the left shoulder pain and the facial allergic reaction.

There were no PE students last Thursday and therefore no distractions. I was having fun trying to imprint upon muscle memory the two-beat kick which I thought I was already doing. It's all what I did for that day and I hope I will still have it by the time I return to the pool. The 2-Beat kick is also called by TI as the crossover kick because the legs essentially cross over each other. Here's how the two-beat kick looks like as done by Terry himself. Click on the 'Play' button in the middle of the screen:

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Anonymous said...

So THAT's what a crossover kick is. Thanx!