A Week Shutdown

The office declared a whole week shutdown. I won't be surprised if all others declared the same thing. Monday (29th) was Barangay Elections, Thurs and Friday were Nov. 1 and 2 respectively.

So that just leaves Tuesday and Wednesday. The kids are also on break (Munsci kids since last week). Since Saturday, I've been 'working' on creating some karaoke vcd's.

How to create karaoke from original mp3's? I just googled it and bumped into this page. Just follow the instructions and it's easy.

As for quality, it's really trial-and-error with songs. Some will sound okay and some will sound horrible. Here's the first one that I've edited. It's the song "Answer Me, O Lord" by Engelbert H.

I've created others and these are songs where I simply cannot find in videoke cd's. Actually, before this long vacation, I only planned on creating an mp3 cd of some smooth Rumba instrumental tunes for my long drives to the cemeteries.

I converted into mp3 an audio copied from the cafeteria and from another cd I bought. After finally completing the 8-song videoke (after 3 days), I tried them out.

Of course, by that time I was SO TIRED of continually hearing the songs again and again and again that they didn't seem good anymore. Renz wanted his share of the mic and so requested his favorite, Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin by a Martin Nievera videoke cd (song #4)

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