All Saint's Day '07

We left at almost 6:30am and at the SLEX going northbound to Pampanga. Traffic was horrendous in the opposite lanes, going to the South! This was in the area of Alabang, Sucat and Bicutan.

Think we luckily missed the traffic? Ha! Heavy traffic started at SM City and it's been that way all the way going to the EDSA turn to A.Bonifacio.

We finally reached Pampanga at 9:45am. But then we were targetting 8:30am like on a normal Sunday. So yes, it was THAT bad.

There's a new Shitzu dog in Pampanga and her name's Carrie. At first, the kids were not sure what to make of it. It took a while for them to realize she's really a toy dog - the kind you hold and cuddle.

Renz warmed up to the dog quickly though. He thoroughly enjoyed holding it in the afternoon.

Good thing it wasn't too hot over at the cemetery. We parked at the usual kubo but the remains of the 'kubo' was no longer there.

In its place was a newer wooden garage. No wonder I felt that the garage was farther now from the gate! Here's the two, Che and Karen waiting at the van with Che in a 'Grease' outfit.

There was a white cat there. It looked ordinary to me until DH and the kids remarked how different its eyes were. Both were blue.

I've seen a couple of weird cats before where one eye was blue. But this one had two blue eyes and its fur was all white. Cool.

We didn't stay too long though. Lola was getting tired. She and her 'guide' Karen got lost walking on the way there especially when they turned on the first entrance.

Lola asked Che to read the writings on the tombstones. Here's Renz 'making magic' with a candle.

From the cemetery we went to Uncle Naring for cold sodas. They even gave some Carbonara for us to take home. We had lunch right after getting to the house in Pampanga.


After eating plenty of bagoong and green mangoes, Che reaches for the frozen fruit salad.
Me: Che, easy lang sa salad, kakakain mo lang ng maasim.
Che: Bakit po?
Me: Anong bakit. Eh baka sumakit ang tiyan mo niyan.
Che: May CR naman po eh!

We decided to leave at around 5pm. It's terrible now that folks with their dead at Good Shepherd memorial are parking their vehicles inside our subdivision.

It all started maybe a couple of years already. But this time these visitors are bolder. It was so stupid because we were in the vicinity for around 30 minutes trying to squeeze out with all these parked vehicles.

Anyway, at the NLEX it was all a breeze. Believe it or not, we only saw one passenger bus the whole time southbound. After stopping over at a gas station in the Pasig area for a quick CR break and stretch, we got home at 7:30pm.

The traffic on both ways at the SLEX had eased up. I heard over the news that the southbound traffic started improving since 1:00pm.

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