All Souls Day '07

Renz and I were both set to go to Garden of Memories memorial park coz we found our frisbee and boomerang. We had a late lunch in Makati and after a short nap (for me) went to the memorial park.

Karen is doing her biology homework and asking help from lola. Renz is anting to use the frisbee and boomerang. Unfortunately we didn't expect to be seeing so many people and it was rather dangerous to throw frisbees lest we hit some old grumpy ladies right on their heads.

Because of the long vacation, many folks opted to stay at the memorial park longer, or some came in batches. We did use the frisbee though as a very handy practical receptacle for our favorite 'comida de sementerio' otherwise known as butong-pakwan.

But to salvage the situation, Che, Renz and I still threw frisbees when some of the nearby folks decided to leave. Renz had loads of fun just chasing the frisbee!

There were a few hits though on a couple of candles. Ooops. The boomerang wasn't used as its flight was just too unpredictable.

From there we proceeded to buy a cake from Aristocrat. Hmmm, I didn't know Aristocrat, that well known restaurant, had a bakeshop. Che is getting the chills at the bakeshop as DH and the gang were viewing and choosing cakes to buy.

We settled for a Php615 cake called Torta de los Reyes (food of the kings?) Sansrival shown below. It was good. But for the best bang for the buck, hey, I'd still go for Red Ribbon's Marjolaine.

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