Christmas Tree Pics 2007

After a long nap (tired from all that long driving from the previous days), I woke up with the Christmas decor already up! Yup, the Christmas tree and decorations went up early this year.

Maybe it's the long break, but the kids decided to put up the tree right after All Soul's day. I then suggested that we take pics for the Christmas picture. Here's a couple I chose for this year's tradition.

The theme for this year is "aprons" and they were all just excited to pick their own. I'll be turning the pics into a collage to become a Christmas card as I did last year in this entry. Karen looks like a giant in the pic below.

Here are the kids clowning around after the pictorial.

How the kids have grown! Here's them last year. The girls have been complaining how the tree has become old and brittle.

They should know, they've been setting it up in the recent years. But I don't know, there's always this feeling of nostalgia when I look at the tree. I sometimes imagine how it would feel like when the kids have all left the nest.

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