Emceeing at the Service Awards '07

Last night I was part of the hosting group which emcee'ed at the Service Awards. The Awards Night was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.

I wasn't too impressed with my hosting "performance" though. There are a couple of reasons that I could think of.

  • We lacked practice

    The only real practice we had was the intro - which I thought was excellent. We covered it very well. There was no "dead air" and each of us had sufficient airtime. It seemed to go downhill from then on.

    I suppose I should've thought of more topics to talk about when there were lulls especially during the photo ops. Topics to talk about are the hire-years of the awardees, essence/ importance of the technical excellence awards, difficulty of writing tech papers, etc.

    I had so much in my mind, but I forgot to talk because I just didn't think it was appropriate to talk at the time. Now, I know better. Keep on talking!

  • The flow could've been better

    There were some problems with the actual giving of certificates because some of the certificates did not match with the awardees. This terribly slowed down the cadence.

    Olsen the director wanted us to really get it going in the interest of time. The managers however kept telling us to slow down.

Ah well. It was all a learning experience. One regret is I came too early at 12:30pm. There really was no need for us emcees until 4pm.

Program started at 6pm anyway. The dancers took all the practice time. It was hot (aircon not yet on) and the entrance and stairs smelled like rotting fish.

The testing of the sound system was too much and too loud. Here are the guys from my department. Tony was also an emcee.

The food was good though. We were served, but I still went to the buffet table. It was 'open bar' and so there was beer everywhere. I only had two bottles.

The entertainment was balanced. Jay-R for the ladies and Champagne Morales and Mocha Band for the guys. The Carmona Performing Arts Group gave a couple of dance numbers. It took a long time to really heat up at the end and so I left at 10:45pm.

Will I do it again? Sure, if only to prove that with all these learning I will do so much better next time!

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