The Demonstration Talk - Toastmasters Speech

Well, tonight was Toastmasters night and the speeches were all great! Too bad, club president Ma'm Lolet wasn't there.

I was busy all this week on pending projects and that emceeing job at the Service Awards Banquet at Bellevue Hotel last Tuesday. So I chose a speech topic that I'd find easy to deliver. The speech is entitled "The Eggbeater Kick" where I demonstrated how this treading technique is performed. It was both fun and easy to deliver because I've been regularly doing this treading technique for a while. I also brought along my laptop to show a clip of an underwater video. Vivs evaluated me for the speech and said she might just start re-learning swimming again. Cool!

Thanx to Doc Larry for bringing the projector. The audience really appreciated seeing the video and the other presentations on the "big screen". Neil's speech on "Lasers" and Larry's speech on "Wealth" also used the projector and so, in one word, it was "sulit". Vivienne and Neil gave a two-in-one interesting speech, with Neil playing Host and Vivs playing Guest in Talk Show. I admit it was a bit strange for me to be seeing that kind of a presentation speech coz I've never seen one before. But I must say it was both interesting and refreshing. We also had a guest observer Gigi attending last night.

Speaking of that emceeing job at Bellevue Hotel, I wonder if there's a toastmasters speech for an advanced manual somewhere where I could've gotten credit for it. The only trouble with this real-life emceeing jobs though is they're mostly in Taglish coz you'd have to play the part like your co-emcees. Hmmm...
See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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Anonymous said...

Curious...wondering how you got the animation for your blog heading, as well as the awesome background/formatting.

I also have a account, and am wondering how to customize my site there. I'm totally clueless pretty much...just leave a comment on here and I'll get your reply. :)


Blackdove said...

Thanx for dropping by. The template design is free from and there are many to choose from in that site.