Hawaiian Themed Birthday Swimming

We attended Jay's Hawaiian themed birthday for daughter Julianna. Only Renz and Dada went with us as the munsci kids had speech choir practice.

I was a bit hesitant initially since I was still worried about my left shoulder. Renz was insistent though. DH bought gifts at Pavilion Mall while I scoured around Mercury for possible cover caps for the timing lights' LEDs (more on that later). So tentatively I bought a couple more Theraherb VCO's (one kiddie choco and one sweet corn).

The Fresco (or is that Frezco?) Resort at Brgy. San Antonio was a bit hard to find. There were no clear signs for St. Francis 10.

But after asking folks, we found it was just right after Morales. We saw Mar already there and sat at his table.

Sandra even joined the pabitin. Here she is asking Renz to join.

where she managed to grab a few stuff!

Renz went on to queue up for the freebies. And he got a toy for greeting the celebrant.

Sandra and Renz getting more food from the buffet table. There was even a choco fondue fountain!

More freebies (hawaiian sun visors) from Jay Santos.

Time for swimming at the kiddie pool.

The pool's really too shallow for you, Da.

Finally, taking on the adult pool. The water's cold. There were only a few adults at the pool.

Renz playing around with his usual (un)balancing routine.

Renz also practiced his flutter kicks.

As for me, I gingerly tried the dog paddle which doesn't hit the sore shoulder part. But it was much too boring and so I boldly tried the freestyle and backstroke. I only had to rotate more so I don't overstretch the shoulder.

At around 3pm, we packed up and left. We went straight to Casa Medica SM Southmall after verifying with Rehab for my schedule.

Funny the therapy went really smooth. I think it was all the preliminary stretching that happened at the pool.

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