The Abstract Concept - Toastmasters Speech

Another advanced speech manual slammed! Today I went to the Cummins office at LIIP Mamplasan (my first time) for the Demo Meeting over at lunch. Finally.

This demo meeting has long been anticipated from Ann, but I suppose getting all logistics in order has become a challenge. Ann had wanted to get the top honchos to attend and I think that was the right way to do it.

Get the people who will buy-in to the proposal for the Toastmasters Club. Get them involved, and ultimately, committed into putting time and money to get the club off the ground.

The demo team was composed of: District Gov. Gina Mapua, Div H Gov. Gles Fuertes, Area Gov. Lolet and myself. Doc Larry was supposed to join but backed-off at the last minute.

Anyway, the session went okay. I fumbled a lot on the Table Topic "Why I joined Toastmasters". I'm getting rusty in this department and didn't notice the time whiz by!

The audience was all from management. After the meeting, the GM said he was shocked (his word) with what he saw. On my prepared speech, I think I did good on the speech project The Abstract Concept, entitled "Food for the Dead", although I really need to prepare more.

Evaluator Gina suggested bullet points for notes as she noticed the whole script on paper. Argh! Yeah, gotta remember that one. See the entire text of my speech here.

I suppose I made the speech hastily as it took me a while to select the topic. I was hovering on the following topics: "What if Jose Rizal Escaped to Cuba", "Tomorrow's Jobs", "The 4th Dimension" and "Food of the Dead".

The first 3 topics sounded just so boring to me. I knew I could deliver on the 4th topic being just so recent and has a homey flavor to it.

The Cummins group was gracious for having us there, but judging from their faces, it seemed they weren't sure what to expect. In the speech, I was able to interact with one executive when I learned he's Ilocano.

I had the chance to briefly converse with him this ritual or practice that was the topic of the speech. Getting curious, Gina even chimed in asking for the book reference's title and author.

After the demo, we had Yellow Cab pizza for lunch. I also received the next advanced manuals from Lolet. Thanx Lolet!

And thanx Ann for having us at your office! Thanx guys!
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