Sandra's Birthday 2007

Happy Birthday Dada! Yeah, it's another of those Rocky Road days. We started really late coz the munsci kids had practice. I learned from Che that the cd "A Whole New World" I burned for her wasn't used.

Argh. DH came late too. None of these dampened Renz's excitement a bit. Da's blowout had chicken, chowking's pancit canton (expensive at Php95) and some siomai. Tita Gay cooked carbonara.

Karen's having one of those 'sumpong' days. She resented the 'compress' action I asked for to get a better shot. Sandra and Renz happyily compressed in the picture below leaning to the left.

But you can see Karen's mean face giving them "the look". Che's feeling really cool today, not grumpy, not hungry. She and her group at school cooked really good spaghetti. I gave it a "two-thumbs up!" It was gone in a few minutes.

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