Bilateral Breathing is Difficult!

After the resolve to learn bilateral breathing, well, I (again!) found how difficult it is to breath on my left. In my first post-therapy swim at the Filinvest pool today, I just drank pool water on some lengths.

In some attempts, my neck would seem to just crane out to breath. Breathing on the right is so much relaxed. But I'm not giving up so easily.

I believe I should start doing stretches with my neck too. Gotta research more on bilateral breathing. By the way, I didn't join the department bowling party at MOA.

Update on my Shoulder therapy/ workout at home
Big Dumbbells:
Bicep curls
Tricep curls

Small Dumbbells:
Lateral raises - Embracing arms towards top
45 Degree raises - Thumbs down all the way
Propped External Rotation - Elbows L-shaped

Stretch Cords:
External Rotation with hold (abduction)
Internal Rotation with hold (adduction)
Sword External
Reverse Sword External with Hand Inward Rotation

Extra Stretch for the lats and traps:
Bentover Freestyle Stretches

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