Christmas Rush Queuing at the Cashier

I don't know why the office calls it a party, because I'd just call it a dinner. The company still expects you to come in to work early the next morning. So for me, it's really a non-event.

Right after the serving of the Christmas dinner, I went to Festival to buy that remaining dark blue swim trunks for Php339. It's got the same thick fabric in the black trunks I bought last Sunday.

I realized that the old standby I've been using at the pool is kinda worn. Why? Well, because I always forget to take out of its plastic canister and it gets soaked for days.

Anyway, I thought it will be a breeze in buying the item what with today being a weekday. Nopes, plenty of people queued up at the cashiers. Of course, I'm so lucky to be on the SLOWEEEEESSSSST queue at Robinson's Dept store!

I think cashiers are generally efficient. It's the shoppers that are really holding up the queues. In my observation tonight, here are the 3 worst shoppers that hold up and delay the queue:

The 3 Worst Christmas Shoppers Lining Up the Cashier

  1. "No price-tag" shoppers
    We all know that nowadays cashiers used the barcode scanners to punch up the price. And the barcode label is usually attached to the price tag. So, price tag, no barcode label. I don't know, but some stupid shoppers still take those items with NO PRICE TAGS to bring to the cashier! What the heck is that? Can you somehow fool the cashier into giving you some lower price for it? What really happens is the cashier calls up an assistant to LOOK a similar item with a price tag and bring it to her for her to scan! And guess what the cashier does in the meantime? Nothing - just waiting.

  2. "How much?" shoppers
    You'd probably think that people who stand behind a very long queue would really do something to hurry up the line. I mean we're all raring to pay our purchases and move along, right? Nopes, apparently some folks just daydream while they're on the queue. Once it's their turn, they wakeup from their stupor and then take eons to get money and count money that may come out from their clothes' deepest and innermost orifices.

  3. "Take these too" shoppers
    You've seen em all. It's the worst case of buddy-buddy shopping. A gang goes shopping. Whoever is done first goes in the queue. The rest continue to shop and dump whatever they find onto the one already in the queue. The worst of all are the impulsive ones who just dump anything that they fancy. And the result? Of course, the cashier takes a huge bundle of items for seemingly just one person.

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