On the Road to my Shoulder Recovery

With my physical therapy sessions over, I've resumed my road to recovery using stretch cords I bought several years ago.

It is so ironic that the reason I bought these stretch cords was to strengthen and increase the flexibility of my shoulders to make me a better swimmer, only to reuse them now to rehabilitate the weak and injured left shoulder.

The stretch cords will replace the therabands that I used for therapy. And I like these cords better. They have big handles that are comfortable.

They also allow you to focus and rely on the shoulder muscles contracting rather than on the hand's grip. I'm glad I bought them because I don't see them sold in sports stores anymore (at least not with the big handles).

Here's the abduction (external rotation) exercise at the final position.

Here's the adduction (internal rotation) exercise at the final position.

Notice that I have a towel in my left armpit. This supposedly isolates the shoulder muscles to work on their own rather than allow you to leverage the elbow against the side and pull with the torso. I attached the end of the stretch cords to a rebar at the wall.

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