Writing My Sponsored World Vision Kids

Finally, I took (nay, snatched) some time to write a couple of letters to my sponsored kids in World Vision. For those who have no idea what it is, check their site at www.worldvision.org.ph. It is an organization that I contribute to. I even wrote and delivered a speech about it entitled "In the Eyes of Child, A Vision of Hope". Check it out.

Anyway, the reason I've procrastinated for long was not so much so I could write the "perfect" letters complete with graphics and all. No. I didn't even have an enclosed picture.

But my intention was to actually write a letter that would mean something to them. Letters that would say that I've read their own letters, kept them and cherished their thoughts and aspirations.

Cheesy? Yeah, so sue me. Here's a hand-drawn Christmas card made by one of my World Vision kids, Recalyn from Zambales. She had the option of simply sending me one of the free ready-made cards provided by World Vision.

But nopes, she chose to personalize her card just for me. Thank you, Recalyn!

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