Renz's 6th Birthday - 2007

I took under-time to catch up on Renz's birthday at school. Mama, Beng and Sam were also there. Food was already being served when I got there. Of course, I was still introduced by Teacher Beth to everybody as Renz's dad.

Here's a part of the class with Renz.

The Goldilocks cake is on the chair at the left.

The Zaido finger light toy was an instant hit with the classmates as this little guy shows. For a while there I thought my camera is showing me a red alert, signal or something. Most were thoroughly distracted from the food coz of the toy.

A video of classmates singing for Renz. And then Renz wishes and blows candle.

Here's the birthday boy (back to camera) after blowing the cake.

On the homefront, the girls had their share of posing with the celebrant, eagerly waiting for their turns on the loot bags. Here they are with the personalized loot bags from Renz who's holding one of his presents - a pair of briefs underwear.

Overall, Renz was super excited and happy with the whole affair.

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