Simbang Gabi 2007

We wanted to complete the Simbang Gabi series but Sandra had exams so we went starting on the 20th only when all the school parties were done.

The church really looks good. The good mayor Aldrin San Pedro lent the St. Peregrine Shrine some parols which were really nice.

Here's the inside of the church with the mass ready to start. I was at the choir loft when I took this pic. Karen turned her head to see where I was.

Djok Taym
We were very early at the Church. We thought the mass starts at 7pm. Turns out coz it was Sunday, mass started at 7:30pm. Renz noticed that the mass materials weren't ready yet: the chalice, the wine and water dispensers.

Renz: Papa, bakit wala pa yung lalagyan?
Me: Anong lalagyan?
Renz: Yung inumin?
Me: Inumin ng?
Renz: Yung inumin ng pari... Yung... Trophy niya?

I suppose he was referring to the priest's chalice which looks like a Trophy Cup!

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